Concha de Artedo

La Concha de Artedo is one of the largest and most important beaches on the Asturian coastline. Its particular relief means that the sandy beach only becomes accessible at low tide; at high tide you need to stay on the peebly zone, popularly know as the “regodon”. A sun lounger is recommended.

It is perhaps the most sheltered Asturian beach, thanks to its wide cliffs which made it a regular refuge for submarines during the two World Wars. In Jovellanos’s time, a project to build a port here was under discussion but finally abandonded, as road links were poor and there were no major towns in the neighbouring area.

In summer, many boats anchor just a few metres from the shore, some to enjoy the calm water, other to fish delicious Artedo baby squid.

In summer, this beach offers a lifeguard service and showers.

To get there, you should use the carpark located 500m from the beach. The distance is not an obstacle; on the contrary, it is a delightful walk which follows the course of the Uncin river. You will cross numerous little wooden bridges, which fit in perfectly with the surrounding forest. On leaving the beach, why not change course and follow the path on the right side of the beach, which will take you back to the car park via a circular route.

On the left-hand side of the beach, you will find a restaurant where you can sample some Cantabrican fish or simply drink a cider on the terrace and soak up the calm far from built-up areas.


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