Probably one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Asturias, with its singular relief, Cudillero has retained its yesteryear essence and charm.

As legend has it, Cudillero was born of a Viking settlement, a people set apart with its own language the “pixueto”.

Panorámica Cudillero

The houses are literally suspended from the hillside, giving rise to a colourful postcard-perfect amphitheatre. Make sure you don’t miss the three well-established routes: the “route of hope”, “strolling through the fishermen’s quarter” and “the watchmen’s rounds”. You will capture the very essence of the town and enjoy some stunning views offered by the different viewpoints you will come across on your route.

It is unthinkable to leave the town without trying the local cider or savouring freshly caught fish in the “plaza de la Marina”, the centre stage of Cudillero’s amphitheatre which simply cannot leave you indifferent.

Cudillero vistas

We recommend a stop at the Eastern docks (ancient dock) which will bring you to the Rebollera point. The Cudillero lighthouse stands at the highest point of the headland and can be accessed via a short footpath.

On working days, between 15:00 and 19:00, you will see small fishing vessels coming into port, many of which continue to practice traditional line-fishing methods to catch the “merluza (hake) de pincho”.

For practicality’s sake, we recommend accessing Cudillero via the new port and using the free parking available. You should avoid crossing the historic quarter by car at all times, and above all during the summer season.


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