Playa del Silencio

In the protected countryside of the western coast, you will find one of Asturia’s most beautiful beaches, the Playa de Gavieiro or, as it is more popularly known, the Playa del Silencio. You can literally breathe in the calm of this beach made in paradise; perhaps this is where it takes its name. This beach offers no services and has retained its wild, natural, character which gives it a particular charm.

It is a very sheltered peeble beach, where you can enjoy a peaceful swim. It is a small cove, less than 500m long. You can take your pet along. This beach does not offer lifeguard services, so you should exercise extreme caution at all times.

Visit Playa del Silencio whatever the season and enjoy its spectacular viewpoints. Its cristal-clear, turquoise waters are best appreciated on sunny days; you could be in the Caribbean!

Playa del Silencio

To reach this beach, take the A8 motorway heading towards La Coruña until exit N° 445, where you should then take the Catañeras exit. Once you arrive at this little village, you will pass in front of an old saw mill. You should then veer to the right where the beach is signposted a kilometre further down the road. The beach is accessed by a one-way, circular concrete track which brings you back to the village. To park, simply leave your car on the side of the track; the views from this point are already amazing. However, to best take advantage of the visit, head downwards on foot via a forest trail which leads to a second viewpoint and finally to the beach itself via a path and steps. It takes around ten minutes to get down to the beach, but you might well take the double to get back up!

From the shore, the views are just as spectacular, especially if you have the opportunity to see the sun setting.


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