Regalina Hermitage

The Regalina Hermitage was built in 1931 on a local priest, Father Galo’s, initiative; he hoped to attract not just worshippers of the Virgen, but also others, who could not fail to be taken by the beauty of views.

From the carefully tended lawns which surround the hermitage it is posible to see the Ribeirona beach and the other cliffs which make up the view. Next to the hermitage you will see two “horreos” (Farmers needed to harvest their crops early and then stock the grain in a dry place, protected from the damp and from animals and in particular rodents over the long, cold and wet winters. And so the “horreos” were born; these granaries built on pilars are typical in Northern Spain, particularly in Asturias and in Galicia. Various versions exist, but the principal is the same, raised on pillars with flat stones forming the horizontal base to prevent rodents entering). More than one hundred “horreos” can be found in the village, giving it a marked rural character.

At the end of the 19th Century this area gave rise to a vast wave of emigration to South America, which has left its footprint on local architecture.

Hórreo asturiano

The village of Cadavedo, which takes its name from “cadavo” was originally a whale-fishing port. Local populations supplemented their income with crop and livestock farming. Today Cadavedo is a quiet sea-side resort.

If you happen to come in the last week of August, you visit will coincide with the “Fiestas de la Reglina” declared of regional tourist interest, with parades of floats, regional dancing, hundreds of people in traditional dress, choirs, dancing… they will all make you fall even more in love with this idylic place.


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